Lesson 1:

Learning objectives:
To enable the children to explore questions about the meaning and mystery of life.
To experience a sense of awe and wonder about angels.
To show care and consideration when listening to the views of others.
To realise that not all questions about angels can be answered.

Questions sheets on Angels (see menu on angels homepage)
Material to record written work.


Try to create an atmosphere in which the pupils will feel comfortable to express their inner feelings.
If possible, gather the children around you rather than have them sitting at tables.
Make sure there are no distracting background noises.

Tell the pupils that you are going to be talking about angels. Ask specific questions about angels (see question sheet).
The questions are suggestions, you may want to change them. The answers the children give will lead to other questions.

If children have talked about angels before, begin the lesson by asking "What does the word ‘angel’ mean to you?’
This allows the children to express their views without any prompting from the teacher.

After discussing the concept the pupils could record some of their ideas as appropriate e.g.

draw a picture of an angel
draw a picture of an angel and write a sentence about your angel
write about an angel and draw a picture to illustrate your work.


Let the children show their pictures to the rest of the class. Discuss any interesting features which may need some explaining.
I once saw a lovely picture of an eight year olds idea of an angel - complete with handbag . . .