Lesson with a class of mixed ability Years 3 & 4 Pupils (age 7 and 8)

What is an angel?
An angel is a kind lady with wings. Greg
An angel is a flying spirit that takes your soul up to heaven. Steven
Angels are people who live in heaven. Ben D
An angel is like a very small person, but it has wings. It wears a long dress and fluffy white fur. Matthew

Where will you find angels?

Angels are found in heaven. Gareth
You will find angels in heaven and your dreams. Rebecca
When you have died you will find angels. Ben D

What do angels do?

Angels carry you to heaven. Matthew
An angel is a person who helps God and Jesus. Gareth
Angels carry messages from God. Ben
I think angels help you when you’re scared. Angharad.
An angel is one of God’s messengers. Danielle
An angel keeps you warm and happy. Rebecca
Angels carry people and animals up to heaven. Ben D

What message would you like an angel to bring to you?

I would like the an angel to tell me that God is always with us. Angharad
I would like an angel to bring my pet back to me. Gareth.
I would like an angel to tell me that I could go and visit my pets in heaven. Steven.

Have you ever seen an angel?

No, I’ve only seen an angel in my head, in my imagination. Angharad.
I ’ve seen angels in my dreams. Rebecca

Lesson with a mixed ability group of Year 5 children aged 9 - 10:
:Faye, Charlotte, Jordan, Robert and Teacher.

What is an angel?

F: An angel is someone who dies and goes to heaven, like my grampy.
T: Are all angels men?
F: Yes.
C: Angels can be men or women. They are very kind, holy people.
J: Angels are very nice people who have died and gone to heaven. They can be men or women or children.
R: An angel is a holy person who has been very kind, like a saint. They are special.

What do angels look like?

F: An angel wears a long white, silk dress. They have gold hair and gold wings.
J: An angel has a hoop over it’s head.
C: They wear a long white dress and have silver wings with a halo.
R: They wear a white silk dress, or maybe it could be velvet. They have blond or gold hair and gold or silver wings and a gold halo.

What do angels do?

F: Angels open the clouds when someone dies so that they can come through the clouds. The spirit comes up from the dead body.
C: When someone dies the angels send messages into their head saying, "Don’t worry, you’ll be all right in heaven."
They tell people to stop worrying.

J: Angels come down in the night. They are invisible.
They come to the people and tell them that they are going to take them to heaven. Their souls go up.

R: When angels think someone is about to die they talk to them so only they can hear.
When they finally die the angels come and fly back to heaven with the person’s soul. Then the person is happy.

T: Why is the person happy?

R: Because he is with God. God gives him a new spirit life.
T: What else do angels do?
F: If someone has been naughty and kills someone the angels come down and bring them to the Devil.
J: When someone is in trouble the angels come down to help them. They are invisible. They give help and advice.

C: If someone is naughty and kills someone, the angels try to put sense into their heads to make them feel sorry.

R: If someone has an accident an angel comes down and secretly gives them a message saying,
"Hopefully you’ll be OK but if you’re not, God will give you a good life in heaven."

Have you ever seen or heard an angel?

F: Sometimes I see light in my head when I’m thinking. It seems to help me. Maybe it’s from an angel.
R: When I’m asleep I sometimes dream that I’ve seen an angel.
C: I had a dream that I died and went to heaven and turned into an angel.
T: How did you feel?
C: I was happy to be an angel but I was sad because I had died and couldn’t be with my family.