Sh s s s . . .


Silence is when you do not speak,
There is silence at night when we're in bed,
When we are sleeping, not making noises,
One bit of noise would break silence,
It would be like snapping it in half.

Natalie - Year 4

Silence is a time of prayer,
A time to relax and think,
Silence is soft and soothing,
It's a time to be calm.
Silence can be dull -
No children laughing,
No people chatting.
Silence is a time to be still
And think about other people,
And about things you have done wrong.
It is a time to think
About saying sorry to people.
Silence is golden.

Lucy - Year 4

Silence is remembering
When someone has died,
Silence is a time to think,
Silence is a time to pray to God.

Billy - Year 4

Silence is golden,
Silence is no sound,
Silence smells like bluebells,
Like a breeze in the trees
On a calm day,
Silence can be peaceful,
Silence feels like
Lying in my cosy bed,
Silence can be broken
By a crash or bang.

George - Year 4

Silence is quiet,
Silence is good when you get in trouble,
Silence is good when your ears hurt,
Silence is good for thinking,
Silence is when you read,
But . . .
Silence can be boring!

Matthew - Year 5

Silence is golden,
Silence is fragile,
Silence can be calm,
Silence is stillness and gentleness,
It is peacefullness,
It has no sound,
It feels as if you're lonely,
Silence is quietness,
Silence is speechless,
Silence is love,
Silence is relaxing,
One whisper - then silence is broken.

Ricky - Year 4

Silence is soothing,
Silence is fragile,
Silence can be broken with a SMASH!
Silence is like gentle snow swaying to the ground.
Silence is sharing feelings with God,
Silence is a multi-coloured rainbow,
Silence is feeling kind,
Silence is feeling warm inside,

Stephen - Year 5