Monks at Work

The abbot Monks live in a monastery. Some monasteries are also known as an abbey. The leader of the monks in an abbey is the abbot.
The prior If the abbot is away on business his chief helper, the prior, is left in charge.
The almoner Helps poor people who ask for help at the monastery. In early times the almoner would have given bread to the beggars who gathered at the monastery gate.
The infirmarer Responsilbe for caring for the elderly and sick monks.
The guest-master Looks after travellers and strangers.
The cellarer The monk responsible for looking after the foods and drink supplies. He is also in charge of the business affairs of the monastery.
The chamberlain or wardrobe-keeper Look after the monks' clothes and bedding.. The special name for the robes worn in church is vestments. Long ago it was the responsibility of the chamberlain to see to the monks weekly shave, and their baths four or five times a year!
The kitchener or refectorian Is in charge of cooking and providing the meals which the monks eat in the refectory (dining room). The refectorian also used tp supervise the monks wash-room, which was called the lavatory.

The cantor or precentor

Is responsible for the music in the services. He trains the choir and is in charge of the church services. He is also the librarian and is in charge of the books.
The sacrist or sacristan Is responsible for looking after the beautiful robes (vestments) which the priest wears when taking Mass. He also looks after the monastery, including all its valuables.
The Master of Novices Trains new monks.