The End of David's Life

The monastery at Vallis Rosina became a well-known teaching centre. Many families sent their sons there to be educated. David and his monks spent their lives serving God. They cared for the sick and needy, feeding the poor and looking after orphans and widows. Many pilgrims visited David, including kings and princes.

David lived a long life. As the years went by he longed for the time when he would live in peace with Jesus, the man he had devoted his life to. Early one cold Spring morning, whilst he and the other monks were praying, David's guardian angel visited him telling him that he was to prepare to for his death which would take place in a week's time, on the first day of March. The church was filled with angels singing and a beautiful fragrance floated through the air. David was pleased to hear the news, but the monks wept with sadness.

The news of David's impending death quickly spread throughout the land. An angel flew throughout Britain and Ireland telling people that David would soon be leaving for heaven. Saints from all over Britain and Ireland went to visit David. The city was filled with great sadness.

David spent much time comforting people. He continued to serve God and preached one of his most remarkable sermons on the Sunday before his death. After taking holy communion he became ill. His last words to the multitude who had gathered to listen to him were, "Remember the little things you have seen and heard me do." David knew that many of the people listening to him were poor and had little to give, but the greatest gift of all was to show love to one another and treat each other with kindness and respect.

Three days later, on the first day of March in 589AD, all the monks were gathered in the church for their early morning service. As they sang they were joined by a host of melodious angels and once again a beautiful scent filled the air. Jesus appeared to David and He and the angels took David's spirit to heaven.

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