The Meeting at Brefi

One of the most important events which David is remembered for is the meeting at a place called Brefi, where he preached a wonderful sermon..

Kings, princes, important church leaders and men and women from all over Wales gathered at Brefi to listen to the church leaders talk about God. There were many people who were going against the church beliefs and the bishops wanted to sort out the problem. They wanted to remind the people that God sent his Son to earth to forgive them from their sins and teach them how to live a good life, caring for each other.

So many people gathered at the meeting that it was impossible for the bishops to be heard. They decided to place some clothes on top of each other so that they would have a platform to speak from. The bishop who was able to be heard by all of the people, including those at the back of the crowd, would be the one who would be chosen to be archbishop (the most important bishop of all).

Each bishop took it in turn to stand on the mound of clothes and preach to the crowds. people. However, they still could not be heard. They became worried that the people would leave. Surprisingly, David was not at this meeting. Paulinus suggested that he should be sent for because if anyone could preach to the people, it was David.

Messengers quickly went to fetch David but he did not come. He felt that if the other bishops had failed to preach to the crowds then he would as well.. Three times the messengers went to David, but each time he refused to go with them.

However, David then had a vision that two holy men would be visiting him. He told his monks to make them most welcome and prepare a special meal of fish, bread and water. After greeting the men they talked and sat down to eat. However, the holy men refused to eat until David had agreed to return with them to the meeting. David agreed to attend, but not to preach. He said that he would help by praying for them.

The Miraculous Journey to Brefi

As David and the two holy men walked to the meeting they heard someone crying. The two holy men wanted to continue walking to the meeting, but David told them he was going to see what was the matter. David saw a mother crying over her son who had just died. She recognised David. Having heard of his healing powers she begged him to bring her son back to life. David was moved with compassion and his tears restored the boy back to life. Crying for joy the mother gave her son to David so that he too could grow up serving God. David took the boy with him and he became a pupil at the monastery.

David preaches at Brefi

The crowds were pleased to see David that he agreed to preach. As he began talking a snow white dove descended form heaven and settled on his shoulder. The dove was Jesus' spirit.

It was a wonderful meeting. Everyone was able to hear David preach, even those furthest away. His voice rang like a trumpet and as he preached the ground beneath him arose so that everyone was able to see him.

David preached to the people about God, telling them that Jesus was his son who was sent to earth to save them from their sins. The people were inspired by David's words and blessed him. They wanted him to become their national leader.

Drawing by Jack (age 10)