Pilgrimage to Jerusalem

David's kindness and love of God became well-known amongst the people. Religious people throughout the ages have longed to go on a pilgrimage to a holy site and David was no exception. The most important pilgrimage any Christian can make is to the Holy Land.

One night an angel visited David with the message that he was to prepare to journey to Jerusalem the following day with his friends Teilo and Paternus. David did not understand how Teilo and Paternus could accompany him because they lived so far away; it would not be possible for them to meet the next day. The angel replied that he would take care of this.

David quickly prepared for the journey, blessing the monks before setting off early the next morning. On the way he met Teilo and Paternus, just as the angel had said. They sailed across the English Channel to France. Although they could not speak the language of some of the countries they passed through, God gave them the power to understand and hold conversations with different nationalities.

The holy city of Jerusalem was ruled by a religious man known as a patriarch. As the three monks approached Jerusalem an angel appeared to the patriach in a dream telling him about his important Christian visitors. The patriach was told to make them most welcome and to give them the honour of being made bishops (important leaders in the Christian church).

The patriach warmly welcomed the three monks. They were treated like royalty as they sat on special thrones. During the visit the men talked about God and thanked him for making the journey possible.

Before returning to their own land the patriach showed them four holy gifts which he was going to give them: an altar, a bell, staff and a golden tunic. The patriarch realised that they were too heavy to carry back to Wales, so they were carried by angels. When David and his friends arrived home they found the gifts waiting for them. Once again they praised God for his goodness. The journey had been one which they would always remember.