David's School Days

Non (David's mother) always knew that her son was going to be a great leader. When he was old enough she sent him to a nearby monastery called Hen Fynyw. It was an excellent place to learn about God. The monks at the monastery taught David to read and write, how to speak Welsh and Latin (the language used by many people at the time). He also studied maths, astronomy and music.

Even at the monastery David stood out from the other boys; whilst he was learning his lessons the other monks and boys noticed that a dove was always at David's side. The beautiful, pure white bird was given to David by God. It was a symbol of God's presence as well as a symbol of peace.

David worked hard at the monastery. When he became a young man he was made a priest (a holy man of God).

David and Paulinus

When David became a priest he moved to a monastery inWhitland (Pembrokeshire, South Wales). Here David learnt more about God and the ways of the church from his teacher, a monk called Paulinus.

Paulinus was an elderly monk. Sadly, as he grew older his eyesight began to fade and he became blind. He prayed to God that one of his pupils might be able to touch his eyes and heal them. One by one the monks touched Paulinus' eyes but nothing happened. Soon all the monks, except David, had tried to heal Paulinus.

David then stood before Paulinus. David was a very shy monk. He had worked at the monastery for ten years, but in all this time he had never looked at his teacher's face. Paulinus was amazed when he heard this. He always knew David was a special person. He then realised that David was the one who God had chosen to heal him

Gently David touched the eyes of his teacher, making the Sign of the Cross on his eyelids. As Paulinus slowly opened his eyes a look of joy spread across his face - his sight had miraculously returned. The monks gathered around Paulinus and David, praising God for the miracle that had happened.

Time to move on

Soon after this miracle an angel visited Paulinus telling him that it was time for David to leave. He had learnt much at the monastery but now it was time for him to go out into the world and preach to others.

David travelled throughout Britain telling people about God. Many people were interested in what he had to say and also wanted to live like him. David and his followers built twelve monasteries in England and Wales before David went home to Pembrokeshire to live. He knew he had to return to Pembrokeshire because his guardian angel had told him that this is where he should settle and build a monastery.

* * * * * * *
The illustrations are by the late Mr. Roger Jones and are used by kind permission of Mrs. Jones and Gomer Press.
They may be found in excellent book "The Story of St. David" by Sian Lewis (published by Pont Books, ISBN 1 85902 230 8).