David's Baptism

Soon after David was born Non took him to the church at Porth Clais (near St. Davids) to be blessed by God. He was baptised by a monk called Elvis. The service was very special, especially for Movi, the monk who held David when he was baptised. As Elvis sprinkled water on the baby, some of the drops splashed onto Movi's blind eyes. Movi blinked, then a look of amazement appeared on his face. He looked around, beaming at Non and the other monks. Miraculously his eyes had been healed; the darkness had gone and he was able to see.

Amongst all the excitement, another miracle happened - a spring of clear water burst from the ground. Water has always been very special to God's people. This water was used later for other baptismal services, and the well can still be seen at Porth Clais today.

Drawing by Vicky (age 9)