David's Mother

One day Sant was riding through Pembrokeshire (in Wales) when he met a beautiful woman called Non. Immediately he fell in love with her and she became pregnant.

Non was excited about the baby she was going to have. One Sunday she went to church to give thanks to God. When she entered the building the service had already begun. She sat down quietly at the back of the church, but as she did so the monk stopped speaking. He tried to continue preaching but found that he could not. What was the matter?

The monk remembered an old saying: a preacher cannot continue to preach when someone greater than him is in the room. He asked the congregation to leave. The people were surprised but agreed to wait outside. Non, however, hid in a corner. The monk tried to continue preaching but he could not. He knew that someone must still be in the building so he asked the person to show himself. Imagine his surprise when Non stepped forward. Then he realised that the baby which Non was carrying was to be the great preacher. He asked Non to leave the church so that the congregation could return and he could finish his story about Jesus.

Non patiently waited outside as the monk finished preaching. Everyone realised that something strange had happened. Non was a very special person, but the baby which she carried was even more special.

A Stormy Night

News of Non's pregnancy spread throughout land. When the news reached one of the local rulers he was angry. His magicians had told him about that Non would soon give birth to a son who would become a great leader. When the ruler heard this he was angry. He wanted to get rid of the boy so he told his magicians to keep watch and tell him when the boy had been born.

When Non realised it was time for her baby to be born she travelled to a safe place. On the night baby David was born a great storm arose. Vivid flashes of lightning streaked the sky, terrifying peels of thunder roared, rain and hail poured down, stopping people from going outdoors, including the evil ruler and his magicians. But the place where Non lay was protected from the raging storm; God sent a glistening, brilliant light which shone brightly.

As she gave birth, Non grasped a stone. This broke in half. Non's handprint remained in the stone (which was later used as part of the foundation of a chapel which became known as St. Non's Chapel). When the baby was born Non wrapped him in warm clothes, snuggling him to her body to keep warm. She called her son David.