David's Royal Family

Long, long ago, when kings ruled the counties throughout Wales, there lived a royal family in Ceredigion who became famous throughout the land for their strength and courage. The king of the family was a great warrior called Cunedda. The Romans ruled the country but they gave Cunedda and his sons the job of keeping peace in North Wales.

Hundreds of years later, Cunedda’s family still ruled Ceredigion. The head of the tribe was a man called Sant. One night Sant had a dream; an angel appeared to him, telling him that when he went hunting the following day he would find three treasures - a stag, a fish and a honeycomb.

He was to send these gifts to a monastery in North Pembrokeshire, where his son would one day be taught. After the dream Sant felt confused. He did not have a son. What did the dream mean?

Sant realised that each of the three treasures had a symbolic meaning.

To find out the secret meaning of each gift, place your mouse over each picture.

The next morning Sant awoke with anticipation, eager to rein his horse ready to go hunting. Shafts of light shone through the forest as he rode. As he galloped through the open fields his eyes gazed upon a stag in the distance, drinking from the clear water of the River Teifi. Slowly he reached for his bow and arrow and aimed at the animal. As the sharp tip of the arrow pierced its side it fell to the ground. A cry of delight filled the air as Sant quickly made his way to the river. There he noticed a hive of bees. Carefully he removed a golden honeycomb. Only one treasure remaine - the fish. Catching fish was a skill which all Celtic men had practised since childhood and one which Sant managed with ease. When he had his three treasures he felt excited. They were sent to the monastery in Pembrokeshire, just as the angel had said.