A Time to Pray and a Time to Listen

During the evening a bell was rung at Davidís monastery. This was a sign for the monks to stop whatever they were doing and go to church. Some of the monks may have been writing, but even if they were in the middle of writing a letter of the alphabet they had to stop immediately, not even having time to dot an Ďií or cross a Ďt.í

All of the monks walked in silence to the monastery church. Whilst in the church the monks chanted beautiful songs from the Bible. They knelt to pray to God.

The monks held church services everyday, attending church several times a day. After early morning prayers David would talk with Godís angels. We do not know how many times David and his monks went to church each day, but monks today usually have eight services; some can be as short as ten minutes, but it is important for them to attend church through the day and night.

On Saturday nights David and his monks prayed all night, no one dared to yawn or sneeze. The monks prayed all night, getting themselves ready for the special services on Sunday, the most holy day of the week. Each Sunday morning there would have been a special service during which they remembered the death of Jesus on the cross when they took holy communion.