Do you pray (out of school)? Explain why.

I pray when I am frightened or something has gone wrong in school., like when my friends sat together and I couldnít sit by them. I felt a bit upset.

I never used to pray but when my nanny was really ill I prayed, but my nan died.
Jack J.

I do pray out of school a lot. I prayed last night in my Judo lesson because I was against a fifteen year old with a green belt.

Iíve prayed before a few times because someone I love has been in hospital, or Iíve been scared of something.

People pray to God because they trust him and he makes things right when someone is hurt.

I never pray because I donít believe in God.

I used to pray but nothing really happened.
Jack P.

I do not pray very much because I donít have the time. When I do pray I pray for my mum and dad. They have split up. I pray for them to get together again.
Jack D.

I pray every night. I got frightened one day and I have prayed every day since then. I pray that poor countries get water and food and shelter. I thank God for what we have.

I have prayed a few times when someone I love is ill or when I have been scared.
Danielle G.