Where do people pray?

I think some people pray in hospital when they are ill and need help.
Jack J.

People can pray just about anywhere. People pray in church, at home or in school. It doesnít matter where you pray because God still hears you.

I think people pray in church or chapel or if they canít get there I think they pray by the side of their bed. If their loved one is ill they could pray in hospital.

You can pray at home before you go to bed. Or maybe in hospital, or even in a car. Some people pray in a field. Really you can pray anywhere.

People pray at anytime, any day and anywhere.

I think people might pray in hospital by a bed when someone they love is lying in pain, hoping God would help to make them fit and well again.
Danielle G.

You can pray anywhere. Lots of people pray in church because it is Godís home.
Ben W.

I think they pray anywhere, there is nowhere you canít pray. God is everywhere.

I think old people or people who are ill pray by the side of their bed.