What do you think David's monks might have prayed for?

I think the monks prayed for strength for the hard work they did or when they were ill.
Jack J.

I think the monks prayed for forgiveness and for God to protect them through their lives. I also think they prayed that God would like them.
They might have prayed for the families they left behind.

I think the monks would pray for forgiveness. They could pray for someone who was very close to them.
They might pray for their families.

They probably prayed for forgiveness and if something was wrong and they needed help.

I think the monks prayed to God in the church, thanking him for sending Jesus down to earth.
They could have prayed for a good harvest and their future.
Jack P.

They would pray that they wouldn’t do anything wrong. They would pray for forgiveness and pray that their families were OK or get better if they were ill.

I think the monks prayed for peace, for food, to have a long and holy life. They could have prayed for Dewi, their leader, too.
Danielle G.

I think they would have prayed for families, friends and to have a good life after.

I think that the monks prayed for a happy life and that they wouldn’t be tempted to talk when they were supposed to be thinking about God.