What do you think the monks prayed for?
I think the monks prayed for a good life. If they had done something wrong they would ask God for forgiveness.

When do you think people pray?
I think people pray when they are unhappy, worried, scared, lonely or ill. They might also pray when they are in trouble, perhaps if they have done something wrong and want forgiveness. People might pray when they have no-one to turn to or they have to make a big decision and donít know what to do.

Where do you think people pray?
People pray in places of worship such as churches or chapels. They can pray at home, by the side of the bed or in fields, or at hospital. You can pray anywhere you want to.

Why do you think people pray to God and Jesus?
I think people pray to God and Jesus because God was the creator and he can change things. God and Jesus are everywhere. You can trust them and they can perform miracles.

Do you pray (out of school)? Explain why.
I used to pray once or twice when I was little, but I do not pray much now though, unless I am very scared or frightened.

Frances - aged 10.