Prayer is essential to the lives of Christian believers. Monks and nuns believe that they can get closer to God through prayer and can best serve the world through prayer. The hustle and bustle of everyday life is a distraction and so they choose to live a secluded life where they can spend much time in silence and solitude.

The following elements could be focused on when teaching this topic.


KS1: Explore what makes religious places special.
Develop an awareness of the ways in which worship can be expressed.

KS2: Consider the ways in which religious buildings reflect beliefs.
Explore how the community of believers takes part in acts of worship.


KS1: Explore rules and customs including religious observances.
Consider the importance of care and concern for other people in religious teaching.

KS2: Explore examples of religious rules and the ways in which communities put them into practice.
Explore examples of people whose lives have been influenced by their religious beliefs.


KS1: Recognise that people belong to religious / secular groups within the community and find out what is important to them.

KS2: Explore what it means to belong to a faith community and the ways in which believers express their beliefs in God.
Consider the benefits and responsibilities associated with belonging to a group.