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Saint David's Day

At school they told us
that it was the day
on which Jesus
and a host of angels
came to Wales.

There was sunshine
full of endless song
- and the sould of David
was borne away
to heaven.

I thought,
'He must have been
a good man
for God's Son
to come for him.'

Through the classroom window
we could see the late white
linger in patches,
and brave green blades
spearing through
the soggy carpet
of last Autumn's leaves.

And the blades
proudly unfurled
their yellow banners
- their daffodil symbol
of St. David
and the heart
of Wales.

David Watkin Price

St. David's Day

The land returns from Winter
like the Saint from pilgrimage
Bringing with him a bird and a flower
Over mountains like dragons turned to stone.

Today repeats the yearly miracle
Along the valleys of the daffodil
And in the brightening sky above
St. David's emblem is the dove

Stanley Cook