A Song for St. Davids Day

One More Step

One more step along the world I go;
In the likeness of the saints we grow;
From the old times to the new
Keep us travelling along with you.

And it’s from the old we travel to the new,
Keep us travelling along with you.

David was a holy man of God;
Preached the gospel ev’rywhere he trod;
Travelled far and travelled wide;
Followed Jesus till the day he died.

We are heirs to all that David taught;
And we follow in the way we ought.
Jesus - Truth and Life and Way -
Guard us always in our work and play.

We are trying to live close to you;
Make us loyal soldiers, brave and true.
Give us courage, joy and strength
Through your Word and in your Sacraments.

Give us faith and zeal as David had.
May his intercession make us glad.
Help us too your Church to build,
That your work on earth may be fulfilled.

William Watkins

Sung to the tune "One More Step" in the book"Come and Praise"